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38 Best Sona Cosplay from LoL(Dj, Arcade,Guqin, Silent Night etc.)

[nextpage title=”1st Page”]Sona is one of the oldest League of Legends champions and also has a variety of different skins. Here are my favorite picks for the most beautiful and well done Sona cosplays. I have included all the different skin cosplays. That includes DJ(Kinetic/Concussive/Ethereal), Silent Night, Pentakill, Muse, Guqin and Arcade.

DJ Sona

Sona 7

Source: RainbowMissy

Sona 11

Source: yukigodbless

Sona 24

Source: HAGANECosplay

Sona 26

Source: adenry

Sona 35

Source: victoriacosplay

Sona 36

Source: KellyHillTone

Sona 37

Source: JuliaFioretti

Sona 38

Source: KittyEle-Cosplay

Classic Sona

Sona 1

Source: mauchaconb

Sona 14

Source: nupla

Sona 15

Source: TheSweetAmy

Sona 17

Source: UchihaSayaka

Tea Time with Sona and Gentleman Cho’gath

Sona 21

Source: TappyToeClaws Photography: Chase

Sona 22

Source: SoGoodbye

Sona 23

Source: wtfproductionsskits Photography: technopl

Sona 25

Source: eefai

Caitlyn x Sona

Sona 27

Source: Kaira27 Photography: Squig

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Silent Night Sona

Sona 6

Source: sophie-art

Sona 8

Source: SamuiCosplay

Pentakill Sona

Sona 3

Source: Jynxed-Art

Sona 13

Source: xenia1369

Sona 5

Source: Jynxed-Art

Sona 30

Source: nikasaur

Sona 31

Source: ekiholic

Arcade Sona

Sona 2

Source: SNTP

Sona 9

Source: LifeisaFiction

Sona 19

Source: ibukii

Sona 20

Source: vickybunnyangel

Sona 28

Source: dashcosplay

Guqin Sona

Sona 4

Source: eisbaerfussel

Sona 12

Source: Shirokii

Sona 32

Source: Chou-kou

Sona 33

Source: MiyuShizuki

Sona 34

Source: Sayorineko

Muse Sona

Sona 10

Source: IvrinielsArtNCosplay

Sona 18

Source: Chou-kou

Sona 29

Source: aeneia

Sona 16

Source: IvrinielsArtNCosplay